Government allocates RM145 million to empower the socio-economy of the Indian community – PM Ismail

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KUALA LUMPUR NOV.13: Even though the Malaysians come from different races, religions and cultures, the practice of cooperation and unity has enabled them to live in peace and prosperity.

Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, the differences have made the people to become a society rich in culture and in fact this unity factor has amazed the international community on the Malaysians.

Ismail added, Deepavali this time has been celebrated in the new norms. Many people have taken the opportunity to go back to their hometowns to meet the relatives after the government has given the permission to travel across the states on 11th October 2021.

“This is the result of the success of the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme (PICK) that enables the people to enjoy less restriction and flexibilities in the economic and social sectors in stages after the vaccination level among the adults reached 95.1 per cent until yesterday.
“The cooperation from all parties including the government and the people also has made this gathering possible. Congratulations to all Malaysians for the trust, support and confidence in the government to recover the country in this challenging time.

“In the midst of celebrating Deepavali festival in happiness, we should adhere to the standard operating procedures (SOP) and never take easy or take for granted on the threats of COVID-19,” Ismail said in his speech in conjunction with the Malaysian Deepavali Open House (MRTM) 2021 held at Malaysian Tourism Information Centre (MATIC) here this evening.

Ismail added, the Malaysian Family concept has focused on the value of togetherness, inclusiveness and gratitude that have been the seeds to enhance the unity of the people.
“The good values have also been instilled in every religion and become our responsibility to defend it for the sake of harmony, prosperity and national development.

“In implementing the national development agenda, the government is committed to take care of the welfare of all the races in this country to ensure nobody is left behind including the Indian community.

“In the 2022 Budget, that has been tabled recently, the government has allocated RM145 million to empower the socio-economy of the Indian community under the Transformation of the Indian Community and the financing fund of the Indian Community Entrepreneurs Scheme by Tekun Nasional.

“Apart from that, the government has also allocated RM50 million for repair and maintenance works and development of small worship houses in the local authorities’ areas (PBT) and the implementation of community activities with the cooperation of the worship house and the local people,” Ismail said.-Malaysia World News

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