Gojek Indonesia is “unIslamic” and “haram”, says Malaysian Mufti


Gojek Indonesia
Pic: Gojek Indonesia

The Gojek Indonesia that Malaysia government wanted to introduce to Malaysia is “unIslamic” and “haram” as it carries males and females who are not “mahram” or have family ties, claimed the Malaysian, Selangor Mufti yesterday

“Not suitable, male and female who are not [mahram] riding the same motorcycle. Maybe the motorcyclist is male and the passenger is female or vice versa. Why must there be such a situation?

“That situation is clearly not Islamic and not polite. Two who are not [mahram] riding a motorcycle, it is not allowed,” he was quoted as saying by Sinar Harian.

Malaysia government has recently expressed its agreement to introduce Indonesia’s motorcycle-based ride-hailing service “Go-Jek” to Malaysia to help motorcyclists earn some extra money and also solve the issue of traffic jam in busy cities.

According to MalayMail, Go-Jek is an Indonesian company that offers popular ride-sharing services on motorcycles in its home country, which has the world’s largest Muslim population. It has also expanded to Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

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