Gobind slammed Dr. Mahathir for questioning Indian, Chinese communities’ loyalty



KUALA LUMPUR: Minister of Digital, Gobind Singh Deo slammed the former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad who questioned the Indian and Chinese communities’ loyalty to the country.

Gobind said the loyalty of Indians and the Chinese to this country should not be questioned merely because they speak their native language or adhere to their own cultures and customs.

“It was unfortunate that the statement had been made by the former Langkawi Member of Parliament (MP) who had also helmed this country twice.  

“Malaysia is a multi-racial country with citizens from different background, religion, and culture. The Federal Constitution recognizes this fact clearly and they should not be discriminated for reasons based on religion, race, descent, birthplace, or gender in any law.

“It is also commonly accepted that many of our citizens speak more than one language, most of whom are conversant in Bahasa Malaysia and their native language which includes amongst others Chinese, Tamil, Iban, or Kadazan,” Gobind said in a statement, Sunday.

Gobind, who is also the DAP national deputy chairman, added that Dr. Mahathir must acknowledge that all Malaysians, be they Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sabahans, or Sarawakians, have worked and continue to work hard to build this country.

“There is nothing wrong with the fact that we come from different racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds or speak different languages. We are indeed Malaysian and loyal to our country,” he said.

 Earlier, Dr.Mahathir said Malaysian Indians and Chinese are not completely loyal to the country as they still want to identify themselves with their respective countries of origin.

During an interview with a Chennai-based Indian satellite television channel, Thanthi TV, he also stood by his previous remarks that Malaysia belongs to the people who founded the country. –Malaysia World News



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