GLC, GLIC, private sector employees should receive a minimum monthly salary of RM1, 500 -PM Ismail

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KUALA LUMPUR : -The government is committed in ensuring that permanent staff in Government Linked Company (GLC) and Government Linked Investment Company (GLIC) will be paid a salary at least RM1,500 per month.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, other corporate companies and the private sectors should follow this effort to help especially the low-income workers to address the cost of living challenges.

Ismail said, the government has already ensured that all civil servants have to receive a salary and allowances at least RM1, 500 a month.

“In the 2022 Budget, the government has announced that all listed companies have to compulsorily appoint at least one female board of director before 1st June 2023.

“We should recognize the role of women as leaders and important contributors to the development of socio-economic and national prosperity continuously and not only on International Women’s Day celebration recently.

“With regards to good international practice, every listed GLC should achieve the level of women’s participation at least 30 per cent as board of directors at the Annual General Meeting in 2023,” Ismail said.

Ismail said that in his speech when officiating the GLC Open Day at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) here on Friday 11th Mac.2022 and adding that the roles of GLC and GLIC are important in achieving the vision of high income nation in 2025.

The Prime Minister added, it was announced in the 12th Malaysia Plan (MP) that the national objective is to achieve net zero carbon emissions in 2050. In realising this aspiration, all GLCs and GLICs are proposed to have a moderate time schedule and net zero carbon targets before 2050 in realising the 12th MP objective.

Ismail urges the people to grab the opportunities that are being offered by GLCs and GLICs within these three days including job opportunities in various fields; business support for Small Medium Entrepreneurs (SME) and opportunities to cooperate with GDRN by non-governmental organisations (NGO) to fulfil the social responsibility to the Malaysian Family.

“It is my hope that this platform could be the easy way for Malaysian Family and GLC to get closer and contribute among each other,” Ismail said. – Malaysia World News

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