GENTING HIGHLANDS: the best venue to celebrate the Chinese New Year

SkySymphony CNY Show

GENTING HIGHLANDS:  Looking for the best venue to usher in the Chinese New Year?  Look no further.  At Resorts World Genting, there is a whole host of festivities lined up to celebrate the auspicious Year of the Dog this Chinese New Year. Visitors can look forward to joining in on the free-to-public and family fun events that are set to add excitement to the festive holidays.

 The highlight is a never-seen-before attraction and the first “Dog Dance” show in the world titled ‘The Prosperity of 9’. Lion dances are typically seen but exclusively for the Year of the Dog is a show with dog lookalike costumes for a show of comedy and action with a storyline in the theme of the Chinese New Year. The nine dog mascots will include a Husky, a Rottweiler, a German Shepherd, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a Doberman, a St. Bernard, an Akita Nu, a Samoyed and a Chow Chow to add some furry fun to the events. There will also be many other characters joining the show such as the humorous Choy San Yeh or God of Prosperity.

There will also be a parade featuring all nine dog mascots featuring Resort World Genting’s own spin on Sam Hui’s famous Money, Money, Money song. Visitors can try to catch the lyrics related to the nine dogs and the baccarat card game. The parade will be sure to amuse the crowd with additional mascots such as King Card and the number 9 card with a design featuring all the dogs along for the parade. The show and parade for ‘The Prosperity of 9’ will be running from 14 February to 4 March at hotel lobbies around the resort and the SkyAvenue mall.

Choy San Yeh, Lion Dances, and Firecrackers

Festivities will be in full swing with Choy San Yeh and ‘blossom fairies’ parading around the resort as well. Eight gorgeous and graceful fairies named after different flowers including Azalea, Camelia and Peony will join along the parade at SkyAvenue from 14 February to 4 March.

Lion dance performances are traditionally held during the New Year as it is believed that this special performance will bring in luck and drive away any negative energy. Make sure to catch the award-winning Kwong Ngai Lion Dance show as they usher in the new year with eight golden lions and various stunts and acrobatics at Level 2 of SkyAvenue and the SkySymphony stage from 14 February to 4 March. A lion dance will also parade through the resort on the second day of Chinese New Year, 17 February by another internationally acclaimed Lion Dance winner and performer, Kun Seng Keng Lion & Dragon Dance Association for a special show.

Firecrackers will be lighted on the 15 February to mark the first day of the New Year, 23 February in celebration of Tien Kong (Sky God) and March 2, Chap Goh Mei (last day of Chinese Year Celebration) at the Lakeside at SkyAvenue. 

SkySymphony’s Chinese New Year ‘Zodiac’ show

 SkySymphony, known as the ‘Theatre of Lights and Sound’ at SkyAvenue mall is a free state-of-the-art fantastic feature at the SkyAvenue mall where 1,001 winch balls synchronize and move to form different shapes that come alive to tell a story. To mark the start of the Lunar New Year, Zodiac is a unique attraction that is a must-watch for visitors coming up to Resorts World Genting. This show specially produced for the occasion combines a rich history of Chinese art and astrology featuring the five elements Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood alongside the 12 animals from the Chinese Zodiac. Visitors can catch the SkySymphony Chinese New Year show airing for a limited time from 20 January to 4 March on an hourly basis.

Food, glorious food

Visitors will not only be entertained by the host of activities lined up but they can also indulge in traditional Chinese New Year all-time favorites at the many dining outlets spread throughout the resort as well. A tradition that must not be missed is the tossing of Yee Sang that symbolizes prosperity and good luck for the Lunar Year. There are various scrumptious types of Yee Sang to choose from including Wan Yee Yee Sang, Jellyfish Yee Sang, Salmon Yee Sang, Japanese Tuna Yee Sang, Abalone Yee Sang, Black Caviar & Salmon Yee Sang, Abalone & Salmon Yee Sang and a luxurious Boston Lobster Yee Sang. These dishes can be found at Genting Palace, Seasons, Imperial Rama, Good Friends Restaurant, Ming Ren, e18theen Inspired Dining and Resorts Seafood Steamboat from 1 February to 2 March. 

Pineapple tarts that are made fresh daily are also a pride of Resorts World Genting. Each fresh pineapple tart is bursting with the sweetness of pineapple and chewy goodness of the filling that will melt in your mouth. Its the perfect snack to serve guests during house visiting, these treats may be purchased at kiosks located at Genting Palace, Good Friends Restaurant, Terminal 2, First World Hotel Tower 3 Lobby, and Malaysian Food Street at SkyAvenue as well as Awana SkyCentral. 

Set menus prepared specially for the season should not be missed with bountiful offerings available at the various dining options. For a memorable reunion dinner with the family, visitors may choose from one of the many renowned dining outlets including Genting Palace, Imperial Rama, Ming Ren, Good Friends Restaurant and Rajawali Coffee House for one of their set menus. An assortment of traditional Chinese New Year dishes will also be available alongside live action stalls serving festive fare at the Chinese New Year buffet at Coffee Terrace and Rajawali Coffee House on 16 and 17 February.

From 16 February to 2 March, Food Factory will be offering a variety of Chinese New Year specialties alongside Western favorites where visitors can eat their fill and enjoy a splendid meal. At Rajawali Coffee House, a selection of Chinese New Year offerings includes Hainan inspired braised lamb and Salted Crab in Kam Heong sauce for their buffet lunch and dinner where visitors can dine overlooking the lush greenery of the golf course.


With a variety of things to eat, shop and see, visitors will never have a dull moment this festive period. Those who want to sit back and relax for a night of entertainment can catch one of the many concerts hosted by Resorts World Genting. Starting off the performances on 15 February is Tsai Chin, beloved Taiwanese diva rendering classic songs and celebratory numbers with her concert ‘Tsai Chin Chinese New Year Eve Live in Genting. Next up, ‘Wang Jing- Best of Teresa Teng‘ will bring back fond memories of the legendary songstress with a sweet voice on 17-19 February and 23-25 February. Wang Jing gained prominence after emerging as winner of both the 2008 Teresa Teng Singing competition and 2010 Fall in Love with Teresa Teng Musical.

Hong Kong veterans Francis YipElisa Chan and Maria Cordero will perform on 24 February during the ‘3 Asian Divas Live in Genting 2018’ tour as they return to wow the crowd with classic pop songs from the 80s and 90s. On 3 March, catch the ‘Best of Su Rey and Lee Yi Jun‘; Hailing from TaiwanSu Rey is popular Chinese Pop Singer known for her hit song ‘The Same Moonlight’. Lee Yi Jun is a familiar voice frequently heard of television dramas, with over 30 albums released in Mandarin and Hokkien so far. Fans of TVB will recognize and eagerly anticipate ‘Lo Ka Leung Live in Concert 2018’. The Hong Kong actor and singer who is also known as Gallen Lo is loved for his charismatic charm. He has starred in numerous prime-time television series and has eight albums under his belt.


Visitors, especially children can also look forward to a whole world of fun at level four of SkyAvenue. At Jungle Gym, children will have a great time as they engage in free play whilst developing their sensory skills. There is also the Alive Museum, an optical illusion theme park that is every social media enthusiast’s dream. Those looking to indulge in some self-pampering can visit Healing Touch after a long day of enjoyment. There are also stalls selling toys, bags, trinkets, and snacks.

Just opened is also the Zombie Outbreaks to provide visitors with some thrills and screams as well as the Jurassic Research Centre to see mysterious creatures which used to roam the earth millions of years ago. A great place to get up and close with dinosaurs, this amazing experience will educate children and adults alike about with hands-on interactive activities.

The best way to take a trip to the top of Resorts World Genting, 6000 feet above sea level is by the Awana Skyway cable car system. It is not just any transport system; it is in itself a tourist attraction and a technological marvel. It has a top speed of six meters per second and is able to transport 3,600 passengers one way every hour. Awana Skyway will see operation hours extended this festive season from 7.00am to 1.00am from 15thto 25th February. Alternatively, visitors may take the Genting Skyway from 16th to 25th February from 7.00am to 1.00am.

The impressive celebrations may be enjoyed by people of all backgrounds and promise to be a benchmark for celebrations for future years to come at Resorts World Genting.

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