GE15: No party obtained simple majority – EC Chairman

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PUTRAJAYA NOV.20: Election Commission Chairman, Tan Sri Abdul Ghani Salleh announced that no government could be formed since no party has obtained more than 50 per cent from the total parliamentary seats contested in the 15th General Election on 19th Nov.2022.

Abdul Ghani said, the turn up of voters was 73.8 per cent while three parliamentary seats namely Padang Serai could not convene the voting process due to the death of its candidate M. Karupaiya, while Kota Marudu and Baram for the bad weather.

Abdul Ghani added, as of 4.30am (Sunday) the results of 219 seats has been obtained. The results are PH garnered 76 seats, PN (51), BN (30), GPS (22), PAS (22), GRS (6), DAP (5), Warisan (3), Muda (1) PBM (1) and Independent (2).

Meanwhile, for the Pahang State Assembly (DUN) seats, no party has obtained more than 50 per cent from 41 seats contested and as such no government could be formed.

However, the division of Tioman could not carry out the State Assembly Election following the death of its candidate, Md. Yunus Ramli.

“The seats won include PN with 17, BN (16) and PH (8). The turn up of voters had been 70.48 per cent,” Abdul Ghani said in a press conference this morning.

However, for the Perak State Assembly seats, 59 seats had been contested. PN managed to obtain 26 seats, PH (24) and BN (9).

“As no party has garnered more than 50 per cent from the number of seats contested, no government could be formed,” Ghani said.

According to Abdul Ghani the turn up of voters in Perak was 70.48 per cent.

For the Perlis State Assembly election, Perikatan Nasional (PN) will form the state government when the coalition won 14 out of 15 seats contested.

Abdul Ghani said, as the majority is more than 50 per cent from the grand total than PN could form the state government.

Eventhough Pakatan Harapan and its allies won 82 seats – the most number of seats – they are still short of the 112 magic number needed to form the simple majority in Parliament.

The result was announced by Abdul Ghani at 2.00am Sunday. –Malaysia World News

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