GE-15: Parliamentary Election for Padang Serai postponed to 7th Dec.2022 following the death of PH candidate Karupaiya A/L Mutusami – EC  


PUTRAJAYA: The casting of ballot papers at the Parliamentary Election Division P.107 Padang Serai will not convene on 19th Nov.2022 (Saturday) following the death of Pakatan Harapan candidate Karupaiya A/L Mutusami. .

Election Commission (EC) Chairman, Tan Sri Abdul Ghani Salleh(pic) said, EC had received an Election Writ returned by Management Officer of Parliamentary Election Division P.017 Padang Serai on 16th Nov.2022 relating to the death of Karupaiya  A/L Mutusami.

Ghani said, for the implementation of the 15th General Election at Padang Serai, EC had made a decision and fixed the dates as follows: The campaigning period is 13 days that will begin after the announcement of the candidates who will be contesting on 24th Nov. (Thursday) 2022 until 11.59pm, 6th Dec.2022 (Tuesday).

“The application of overseas and domestic postal voting for all categories via online is opened from 18th Nov.2022 (Friday) until 22nd Nov.2022 (Tuesday),” Ghani said in a statement.

The EC Chairman emphasized that for the 15th GE Parliamentary Election Division P.107 Padang Serai, Dewan Kompleks Sukan Kulim Hi-Tech, Kulim will be used as the Nomination of Candidates Center (PPC) and the Official Counting of Votes Center (PPRU).

Ghani said the date of Writ Released 18th Nov. 2022 (Friday); Date of Nomination of Candidates 24th Nov.2022 (Thursday); Early Voting Date 3rd Dec.2022 (Saturday); Date of Voting 7th Dec.2022 (Wednesday)

“For the domination of candidates on 24th Nov. 2022 (Thursday) all qualified candidates and certified being nominated before this are requested to be present at the PPC to draw votes to decide on the position in the ballot paper.

Meanwhile the new incoming candidates who wish to contest will have to hand over the Candidate Nomination Paper that is complete and checked by the Management Officer Office by the candidate or supporter or proposer on the Nomination Candidate Day at the PPC that have been fixed by EC and assisted by six Assistant Management Officer.

“A total of 2,468 workers will be appointed to handle the 15th GE for the Padang Serai Parliamentary Election Division P.107 while 46 normal voting centers consisting of 230 places for voting/channel and one early voting center  consisting of  two voting places/early channel will be used.

“On the whole there are 47 voting centers with 232 voting places/channels. The GE-15 for Parliamentary General Election Division P.017 Padang Serai is estimated to incur expenses amounting to RM1.6 million,” Ghani said. – Malaysia World News


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