GE-15: Only leaders with high discipline and brave will be chosen as candidates in GE15-Ahmad Zahid

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KUALA LUMPUR: – UMNO President, Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi emphasized that the Top 5 in the party will choose the 15th General Election (GE15) candidates whose voices are not clashing with the leadership and at the same time having strong grassroots’ support regardless of where they are placed to contest.

Ahmad Zahid said, the candidates will be selected among the leaders with high discipline, not “big headed” and brave to defend the party from being degraded.

“The time has come for UMNO that needs internal stability to ensure that there will be no discordant voice from UMNO that criticises the party after GE-15. This means the selection of candidates in this general election is very important.

“This role is very challenging for the Top 5, however for the sake of political stability in future, the harmony and discipline of the party to avoid from making the same mistake, UMNO is very serious to ensure the best candidates should have sincere heart and soul for UMNO,” Ahmad Zahid said in his Facebook post, 28th Oct.2022.

He added, UMNO wants the selected individual to give priority to the struggle of the party and Barisan Nasional (BN) and not individual struggle above the party.

“Whoever is “big headed”, feeling that he/she is bigger than the struggle of the party should know her/his position.

“There is a case where a person only realises that he belongs to the party after the dissolution of the Parliament. Everything he has including the post that he is holding is based on him as the UMNO member and not a member or representing the voice of Bersatu or PAS or other parties outside,” he said.

Meanwhile as the Chairman of BN, Ahmad Zahid agreed that he had learnt a lot from the defeat of BN in 2018 especially on the awareness of the meaning of loyalty to the party.

“At that time, BN was tested when many UMNO leaders ran helter-skelter to save themselves. There were people who joined another party, became party traitors and also chose to be far away from UMNO. This was hurting but in a way was a blessing to UMNO.

“The internal cleansing in UMNO happened automatically when a group of opportunists had been identified via their attitudes, statements and actions. At least this has become an important sign in the context of selecting BN candidates,” Ahmad Zahid said. – Malaysia World News


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