Ganja production more profitable than palm oil – Jeram Assemblyman



SHAH ALAM: Kuala Selangor area should be the world centre of ganja production for medical research and export purposes, Selangor lawmaker Mohd Shaid Rosli proposed to the Selangor state assembly.

He said he wants his state to become the biggest ganja producer in the world as this would be more profitable than palm oil.

“Let me give you an example. You can get RM3,000 an acre per year for palm oil. Ganja brings in RM9 million a year… one acre with three harvests can get you RM9 million a year.

“If Selangor can produce (ganja) across more than 100 acres, we will be the world’s biggest (ganja) producer. This can put Selangor on the world map and make us famous,” Mohd said was quoted as saying by MalayMail.

He added that National Poison Centre Director Professor Mohamed Isa Abd Majid has conducted a study and agreed to work with a local company to plant ganja for medical research and export.

The demands for Malaysia palm oil have seen a dramatic decline due to the EU`s ban on palm oil biofuels.

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