Fully vaccinated people can travel inter-district/state, Phase 2 residents can dine in, enjoy sports activities – PM Muhyiddin

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PUTRAJAYA AUG.8: The government has given special privileges to those who have completed two doses apart from having the digital certificate COVID-19 vaccination and is applicable in all phases of the National Recovery Plan (NRP) effective 10th Aug. 2021.

Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said, long distance couples with complete doses and the COVID-19 certificates are allowed to travel inter-district/state to meet their spouses.

He said, parents with complete doses are also permitted to travel inter-district/state to meet their children aged under 18years.

“Malaysian travellers and non-citizens who have houses in Malaysia (including permanent residents and Malaysia My Second Home) who returned or arrived from abroad and have complete doses will be allowed to be home quarantined and given the digital Monitoring and House Surveillance Order (HSO),” Muhyiddin said in a special speech via life telecast on TV1 here today.

He added, the Muslims who have completed their two doses of vaccination are allowed to perform their prayers in the mosque and is applicable in all phases of the NRP.

“The mosques have to comply with the standard operating procedure (SOP) relating to the public health protocol such as wearing face mask, physical distancing and “jemaah” leaves after praying.

“All “jemaah” should possess the digital certificate COVID-19 vaccination to proof that they have received complete doses of vaccination,” he added.

Muhyiddin said, the implementation of this privilege is however subjected to the State Local Authorities and the Ministry of National Unity for the non-Muslims to attend their worship houses.

On the social sectors, the Prime Minister said, individuals with complete doses and living in the states under Phase 2 of the NRP are allowed to travel inter-district/states provided they must show the digital certificate COVID-19 vaccination to the authorities at roadblocks.

Muhyiddin said, the people in Phase 2 are allowed to dine-in and this activity is exposed to high risk as the face mask will be opened when eating and talking to friends on the same table.

“I advise the people to only dine-in if necessary and not to spend too long time. It is advisable to take away the food if the situation permits and choose the premises with good ventilation and in open space.

“The restaurant owners should provide more eating places outside as the transmission of the COVID-19 virus is higher inside the premises compared to the outside space,” Muhyiddin said.

The Prime Minister also stressed that all customers should show their digital certificate COVID-19 vaccination before entering the restaurant.

“For a couple who have complete doses and wish to take their children under 17 years and below for dine-in at the restaurant, they should ensure that everybody adhere to the strict SOP,” he said.

The Prime Minister also highlighted on the sports activities without physical touch and not in group are allowed.

However he said the dine-in activity in the restaurant or café at the club house premises are allowed and in line with the permission to dine-in. The owner of the cafes should ensure all the customers possess the digital certificate COVID-19 vaccination before allowing them to enter.

Muhyiddin said, the usage of the changing and the shower room in the club house premises are not allowed to avoid people grouping in after the sport activities and to reduce the risk of infections.

He added, activities like jogging, physical exercises, taichi, cycling, skateboarding, fishing , equestrian, archery, climbing, tennis (single) badminton (single), golf and motoring are allowed.

On another development, he said, the domestic tourism involving hotel and homestay are allowed. The homestay and hotel entrepreneurs should ensure that those entering the premises should show the digital certificate COVID-19 as a proof that they have complete two doses of vaccination. –Malaysia World News

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