From London to Morocco by train


Many people wonder how to plan & book a journey from London, UK to Tangier, Morocco without flying, in comfort & safety using regular daily scheduled train & ferry services.

What a journey!

According to, you can take a Eurostar train from London to Paris in the morning (around 9 o’clock) and have have lunch at the fabulous Train Bleurestaurant in Paris (around 12:45) afternoon.

Then speed south to Barcelona at up to 199mph by double-decker TGV Duplex.

Stay overnight, then ride superb Spanish high-speed trains through wonderful Spanish scenery into Andalusia. Then take a by ferry from Andalusia, Spain across the Straits of Gibraltar to Tangier, Morocco.

eurostar london to morocco

You can choose either a leisurely ship taking 1 hour 30 minutes or a fast ferry taking 50 minutes from Algeciras Port to Tangier Med Port.

There’s no need to book in advance for any of the ferries, just turn up and buy your ticket from one of the many ferry company ticket offices at the entrance to the passenger terminal.

Once in Morocco, let the real Marrakech Express speed you south towards the incredible High Atlas Mountains.

No flights, no airports, no stress!

-Malaysia World News

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