Freedom of speech that injures the sacred values and symbol of religion needs to stop,  Indonesia’s Jokowi tells Macron 

indonesia president

JAKARTA: Indonesian President Joko Widodo has condemned what he called “terrorist” attacks in France, but he advised the French President Emmanuel Macron to stop “insulting Islam” and “hurting Muslims everywhere” under the pretext of freedom of speech.

“Freedom of speech that injures the noble purity and sacred values and symbol of religion is so wrong, it shouldn’t be justified and it needs to stop,” the Indonesian leader said in a televised address yesterday.

Tens of thousands of Muslims around the world in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia, and the Palestinian territories have recently protested against France for allowing publication of the cartoons that insult Islam and Muslims.

On Thursday, three people were killed in a church in the French city of Nice, just few days after a school teacher in a Paris suburb was beheaded by an 18-year-old boy for showing a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad to the pupils in class.

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