Free to express the love for Malaysia while COVID-19 is still around -Minister

ismail sabri merdeka
Ismail Sabri giving medals to military veterans who defended the country from the communist

PUTRAJAYA: The Malaysian Independence Day was celebrated moderately by the people on August 31 following the new norms as the COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet.

Security and Senior Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, even though the country is not fully free from the pandemic but the people are free to express their spiritual love for the country.

“While celebrating the Independence Day with happiness, do not forget that we are still not free from the COVID-19 threats as it still persists around us,” said Ismail in a statement here today (Aug.31).

Ismail advised the people to have self-regulation by adhering to the standard operating procedure (SOP) that has been set by the government and subsequently embracing the new norms when performing any daily activity.

Regarding the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) that has entered its 167th day and the 83rd day for the Recovery MCO, Ismail said the Royal Police Malaysia (RPM) have detained 253 individuals for not complying with the Order.

He said, from the non-compliance activities committed, 219 individuals had been compounded while 32 were remanded while two individuals were put on bail.

According to Ismail, among the non-compliances committed include activities in the pubs/night clubs (116); failure to provide tools/ book to record in and out of premises (23); not wearing a mask (26); premises operating beyond the permitted time (2); intruding quarantine centres (2) involving in activities where social distancing is difficult to adhere (70), failure to pay quarantine fee (1) and involving in gambling activities (13).

The Compliance Operation Task Force consisting of 5,170 teams with 17,765 monitoring personnel had conducted inspections involving 3,379 supermarkets; 4,805 restaurants; 1,182 traders, 1052 factories, 3,631 banks and 649 government offices.

The monitoring teams had also inspected 1,082 land transportation terminals, 211 water transportation terminals, and 75 air transportation terminals

Meanwhile, 20,455 individuals have returned from abroad since July 24 until August 31, 2020, via the international border entry points and they have been placed in 73 hotels and four public training institutes (ILA).

“From that 8,917 56 individuals are undergoing the compulsory quarantine process while 56 individuals have been taken to the hospitals for treatment and 11,482 individuals have been discharged and permitted to go home.

“The people have returned from 32 countries including the ASEAN nations, United States of America (USA), United Kingdom, Qatar, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, UAE, Japan, Egypt, China, Spain, France, Australia, and New Zealand. –Malaysia World News

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