France`s nouveau president Macron vows never renounce

Emmanuel Macron delivering his speech at the inauguration ceremony here at the Élysée Palace in Paris today.

Paris- Emmanuel Macron, 39, the youngest ever France president, has been inaugurated today.

“Nothing will weaken my determination. Nothing will make me renounce at any time or anywhere, vive la République, vive la France (long live the Republic, long live la France),” he vows during his inaugural address, here at the Élysée Palace in Paris on Sunday.

He also promised to restore France’s global reputation and reform the EU during his time in office.

“The world and Europe today, more than ever, need France. They need a strong and secure France. They need a France that bears the voice of freedom and solidarity. They need a France that knows how to invent the future,” He said.

Macron became France’s new president after having defeated the National Front’s Marine le Pen, with 66% of the vote in the run-off poll.

He was proclaimed victory while his En-March movement focuses on “bringing back confidence to French people to believe in themselves”.

– Malaysia World News



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