Four female activists released from prison in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia women AFP
Saudi Arabia women holding up their national flag (Photo AFP file)

Riyadh: Four female Saudi activists were temporarily freed from prison on Thursday,  London-based Saudi human rights group ALQST and the CNN source confirmed.

The four released women were: Hatoon Al-Fassi, Amal Al-Harbi, Maysaa al-Manea, and Abeer Namankani.

They are among 11 activists held about a year on charges related to the country’s cyber-crimes law, contact with foreign media, diplomats and human rights groups.

“Hatoon al-Fassi, Amal al-Harbi, Maysaa al-Manea, and Abeer Namankani were temporarily released,” London-based rights group ALQST said on Twitter.

This follows the March release of three other women activists, from among the eleven standing trial for charges related to their human rights work. Many of those defendants were prominent activists campaigning against Saudi Arabia’s ban on women driving, which ended in 2018, according to CNN.
Al-Fassi was one of the first women to be issued with a Saudi driver’s license in early June 2018. A few weeks later, the well-known academic and columnist was arrested, according to rights groups.

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