Forum on ‘Next Leadership Toward Active ESG’ to commemorate 10th Anniversary of THE AsiaN Feb.22


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SEOUL: The Asia Journalists Association (AJA) will hold a one day forum that highlights the significance of the next leadership in increasingly active environmental and social governance (ESG) on February 22 at 2pm local time.

The forum held in commemorating the 10th anniversary of the founding of THE AsiaN- the trilingual publication of the AJA will bring together illustrious political and business figures as well as 100 journalists from 30 countries in Asia.

The forum will be held in the main conference room of the National Assembly Library, Seoul, and will be hosted by AsiaN, AJA and Member of the National Assembly Lee Sang-min.
The forum entitled, ‘Next Leadership Toward Active ESG’ will begin with Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s keynote speech on climate crisis, carbon neutrality and ESG.

Meanwhile Mr. Joon Oh, Chair of the Save the Children of Korea will lead the main event.

The forum presentations comprise of ‘The Korean Economy in Crisis, Shared Growth, and ESG’ presented by Chung Un-chan, Chairman of the KISG (Korean Institute of Shared Growth); ‘Ecological Transformation and ESG’ by Choe Jae-chun, CEO of The Biodiversity Foundation; ‘The Korean Capital Market and Direction of Improving Corporate Governance’ by Park Young-ok, a professional stock trader; ‘Development of Technology for the World of Harmony’ by Professor Sang-Mook Lee, Department of Environmental Studies and Earth Sciences at Seoul National University; ‘The World of ESG Led by Block Chain Technology’ by Lee Sirgoo, CEO of the Dunamu (operating crypto exchange Upbit); and ‘Polarization of Space and Reconstruction of Offline Space for a Sustainable Society’ by Professor Hyunjoon Yoo, Hongik University Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design.

Each presentation will be followed by a Q&A session to enable speakers and participants to interact actively.

Since its first publication in Korean and English languages with AJA members on November 11, 2011, followed by the first Arabic publication in 2012, THE AsiaN has been providing news articles, features, interviews, analyses and opinions in Korean, English, and Arabic languages on its two platforms namely the print magazine and the website.

At the publication ceremony in 2011, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said: “This is a meaningful event as Asia is emerging as a new centre of the global economy today, and THE AsiaN will contribute to the formation of common goals and networks between Asian countries via free exchange of ideas and information.

“I firmly believe that THE AsiaN will make a valuable contribution to mankind through the best journalism and sharing various perspectives of people.”

Lee Sang-ki, founder of THE AsiaN, said: “This forum will become a hub where top experts from all walks of life come together and share alternatives based on a topic called ESG, which is becoming the task of this generation and leading a shift of leadership.”

“THE AsiaN will find tasks and problems of Asian countries including Korea and continue to seek solutions and suggest improvements,” he said.

‘Next Leadership toward Active ESG’ will be streamed online through YouTube channel of THE AsiaN:


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