Foreigners in Malaysia should not be allowed to work in all sectors – Rina

Minister of Rural and Regional Development Rina Harun

Foreign workers in Malaysia should not be allowed to work in all sectors in Malaysia so that the local citizens, especially the permanent residents of Kampung Baru, would have more job opportunities, said Minister of rural development, Rina Harun.

“These foreigners should be allowed to work only in certain industries, not all of them. This is so that we can provide more employment opportunities to our own people, especially to the permanent residents of Kampung Baru.

“This will enable us to not alienate the rights of our local residents especially in our efforts to abolish business monopoly by foreign nationals here and to deal with social problems,” she was quoted as saying by Malaysiakini at the “Kasih Ramadan” contribution event in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

Titiwangsa MP added, the issue of the influx of foreigners in Kampung Baru should be discussed further with the Federal Territories Ministry to find sustainable solutions for the development of Kampung Baru.

The foreigners influx in Kampung Baru needs to be addressed immediately as there are too many cases of business monopoly and social problems posed by them to the detriment of local residents here.

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