Foreign workers from 15 countries now allowed to work in Malaysia

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PUTRAJAYA JULY 18: The joint committee meeting between the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Human Resources today had agreed that the Ministry of Human Resources and the Department Immigration of Malaysia (DIM) have to hold discussion immediately with Indonesia to solve the problem of hiring foreign workers.

Minister of Home Affairs, Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin said, the government is consistent in ensuring that the management of foreign workers is based on the national laws and at the same time guaranteeing all foreign workers’ rights in Malaysia are protected equitably.

In another development, recently the Indonesian government had made a decision to temporarily stopped sending their people to Malaysia following allegations that certain part of the agreement regarding workers’ intake have not been adhered to.

Meanwhile, among others the meeting between the two ministries had agreed to allow foreign workers from 15 source countries to work in the manufacturing sector, building and services.

“We have agreed to study the needs of all foreign workers sectors including the subsectors that have been frozen,” Hamzah said in a statement after the 7th Joint Committee Meeting on Foreign Workers Management held here today.

Regarding the results of the joint committee meeting that was also chaired by Minister of Human Resources Datuk Seri M. Saravanan, Hamzah added, land factory subsector is allowed to be opened and to hire low skilled workers but at the same time the control element is required as not to affect the job opportunity for the locals and also to reduce the dependency on foreign workers.

Hamzah said, the meeting had also agreed the Ministry of Transport to be appointed as the Monitoring Agency to control the hiring of foreign workers in the land factory subsectors.

The Minister added, foreign workers are also allowed to work in the shabby stuff and launderette subsector.

“The meeting had approved the application of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAFI) for hiring foreign workers in the swallow nest industry.

“The Construction Labour Exchange Berhad (CLEB) is allowed to fully manage the entry of more than 100 foreign workers in building sector following the Act 520 such as workers holding CIDB Personal Building Card and Building Skill Competency Certificate (SKKP).

“The meeting had agreed to consider the application for short term foreign workers’ service in the infrastructure building and works in the Forbidden Area and Forbidden Place (KLTL).

“The Ministry of Home Affairs has decided that it will decide on future applications for foreigners working in KLTL,” Hamzah said. –Malaysia World News


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