For Malaysia to become a strong nation, all Malaysians must be united –PM Anwar

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KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim stressed that the Unity Government would pursue its efforts to defend the country from any attempts to dampen the nation’s spirit and unity.

Anwar said, the country has different races, cultures and religions and as such the people have to accept that fact and respect one another.

“Nobody can question the absolute provision of the Federal Constitution, the rights of Islam (as the religion of the federation) and the rights of the Malays and Bumiputera.

“Malaysia has been strong and will continue to be strong by acknowledging the social contract among the races and guaranteeing the rights of all citizens to practice their religion and culture,” Anwar said.

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The prime minister said that at the 2023 National Day Address at Putrajaya International Convention Centre with the presence of more than 6,000 people.

Among those present were Deputy Prime Ministers Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof and other cabinet ministers.

Anwar also urged the people to understand the meaning of independence and free from old-fashioned thinking.

He said, independence will be meaningless if the people’s souls are still backwards and the potentials are still trapped in captive minds.

The prime minister added, among the conditions to achieve Malaysia’s aspiration to become developed is by ensuring the “people’s independence” that is a society that has a free mind, soul and free from the colonizer’s thinking and not stagnant.

Anwar also called the people to have a free mind by rejecting from being used as tools and exploited by the elite groups for their personal gains that will not benefit the country.

Besides that he said the participation and unity of all the races is important to ensure Malaysia will emerge as a strong nation in this century after the nation’s performance has been horizontal since 20 years ago.

The Tambun Member of Parliament added, to develop Malaysia into a strong nation, education becomes an important asset that needs to be focused to produce expert generation in various fields.

Relating to education, the prime minister guarantees that all schools without exceptions will be provided with reasonable infrastructures before the end of 2023.

“Malaysia should be renowned for its fair treatments to the people without any group being left behind,” he said.

Anwar reminds the Malaysians on the importance of independence that has been enjoyed since six decades ago and the challenge today is all the people have to retain the peace and independence of the country. –Malaysia World News


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