Five ways to prevent food poisoning – Ministry of Health

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Every year, millions of people around the world get sick, hospitalized and even die from foodborne diseases.

Food poisoning in Malaysia, though it is under control with the Ministry of Health (MOH) implementing various programmes to raise the food safety level, is still something one should worry about.

A statement issued by the Health Ministry today said , 516 food poisoning cases were reported in Malaysia in 2019, 288 cases in 2020 and last year, 197 cases were recorded.

The statement added, during the Covid-19 pandemic, food poisoning cases were reduced by 31.6 per cent from 288 cases in 2020 to 197 cases in 2021.

The ministry did not explain why food poisoning cases dropped during the pandemic, but it was – most likely- because this time not many people go dinning in restaurants and everyone following hygiene and safety measures such as washing hands, wearing face masks and avoiding crowded places.

The Ministry of Health proposed 5 Steps to Prevent Food Poisoning:

1- Wash your hands and work surfaces before, during, and after preparing food, to prevent germs.

2- Separate raw meat, poultry, seafood, and eggs from ready-to-eat foods. Use separate cutting boards and keep raw meat away from other foods in your shopping cart and refrigerator.

3- Eat food at safe temperatures for not over three days in the fridge.

4- Use fresh raw ingredients and clean water for cooking.

5- Cook food to the right internal temperature to kill harmful bacteria.

Health Director General Noor Hisham related food poisoning to lack of hygiene and urged the public, restaurants and food stalls owners to follow food safety measures and ensure food prepared is clean and safe to consume.- Malaysia World News.


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