First playground surface built using recycled shoes unveiled

 BANTING: EcoKnights, an environmental sustainability organization  along with partners Dow, a global materials science company, and Life Line Clothing Malaysia, a textile recycling company, launched Malaysia’s first playground surface refurbished using rubber granules from recycled shoes.

The launching was granted by His Highness Yang Mulia Tengku Dato’ Dr Hishamuddin Zaizi.

The recycled shoes were from the Old Soles New Life`s campaign where used shoes can be recycled into sports infrastructures including jogging tracks, fitness corners and playgrounds. The unique built is the first of its kind in the country and is located at Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Tadom (A) School in Banting, Selangor.

The Old Soles New Life campaign launched three months ago on 20 July has successfully repurposed some of its collected used shoes into this more eco-friendly and sustainable playground surface.  

The pilot project in Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Tadom (A) School in Banting, Selangor is a playground of 135 square metres comprising of swing, see-saw, slide, climb structures and can accommodate [insert estimated number] children at any one time. The build is also timely in welcoming the children back to school for the new year starting January 2023.

The success of this playground lends confidence of more such builds in the future and for the Old Soles New Life campaign to become self-sustainable in the long run. Three months since the launch, the campaign has collected more than 3000 kgs or 10,700 pairs of shoes which is equivalent to 0.55 km of jogging track of 1-m width and 315 square meters of of 50mm thick playground(of 40mm of recycled shoes blend and 10mm of EPDM). More importantly, the project aims to divert waste away from landfills and is one of the more prominent solutions to waste management in the nation. With closeto 30 shoe collection points placed across Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur and Johor, there are plans to add more.

Reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change will aid in the development of a greener world economy — paving the way to a circular economy, beginning at the grassroots level. The event was graced by [GOH name], following his statement on [conclude his speech]. He mentioned [quote].  

“Dow is proud to contribute expertise and technology towards building this playground. We advocate the use of recycled and safer materials, and with our environmentally friendly binders, we are confident that this playground will be welcomed by children,” said Paul Fong, Country Director for Dow Malaysia and Singapore. “As one of the key campaign partners for Old Soles New Life, we are excited to see that the wheel of the circular economy has started rotating through this built.” He added.-Malaysia World News



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