Ferrari GTC4 Lusso unveiled in Japan

GTC4Lusso unveilled
GTC4Lusso unveiled – Japan

unveiledy12, 2016 – Ferrari’s latest four-seater model, the “Ferrari GTC4 Lusso” made its debut for the first time in Far East at a special launch event in Tokyo fromMay 10ththrough 12th.

Lusso means “luxury” in Italian and with a revolutionary new handling system that combines 4-wheel-drive and 4-wheel-steering, theGTC4 Lusso is the best in class across all performance standards.

This highly acclaimed new car was unveiled in a venue decorated to resemble an Italian palazzo with a breathtaking aerial acrobatic performance that wowed the around 200 guests invited to this exclusive occasion.

At the entrance to the party were displayed two classic Ferraris. A 330GTC (1966) and a 250 GT BerlinettaLusso(1963) reminded attendees of Ferrari’s long history of GT models, and the name GTC4Lussoreferences these legendary four-seater predecessors.

The model’s exclusive 4RM-S system (four-wheel-drive with four-wheel-steering) delivers in sublime performance in any driving conditions, from snowy mountains to city streets.Besides this astounding performance, the GTC4 Lusso with innovative shooting brake design is rated most highly for its versatility and sporty elegance, which make it a Ferrari that can be driven anywhere, anytime.

CEO of Ferrari Far and Middle East Hub, Dieter Knechtel commented: “We are very happy to hold the GTC4 Lusso Far East premiere here in Tokyo. Japan is an important market, and this year also marks our 50th anniversary here. The GTC4Lusso is the only GT car which has this exceptional level of performance, and with its remarkable versatility I am confident it will be extremely popular here, as it is proving to be in other similarly sophisticated markets.”

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