“Fake news confuse the people”, says Datuk Ahmad Izham

Datuk Ahmad Izham Omar Pic BH 2
Datuk Ahmad Izham Omar-Pic BH

PETALING JAYA: Communications And Multimedia Content Forum Of Malaysia (CMCF) chairman Datuk Ahmad Izham Omar today said that sharing and posting unverified news on social media not only confuse the people but it can be a threat to national security, NST reported.

“This is because most of the time, fake news that are being shared online can spark racial tension,” he added.

According to NST report, Izham Omar said in this era where people have more access to news on social media, the tendency to misuse the platform is also high.

“Netizens have the tendency to misuse the social media, believing more on news featured on the platform rather than those verified by mainstream news agencies.

He said those who share or disseminate fake news on social media should be aware of the consequences.

It was also made known that throughout last year, CMCF had received 395 reports on social media misconduct which included the dissemination of fake news.

“Out of that, 263 of the reports received involved fake news and we need to address this issue,” he said.

So, how to face fake news?

According to Izham, to curb fake news, netizens should practice self-regulation when using the social media.

Parents also need to play a role by educating their children on social media ethics.

“Parents need to teach their children to practice self-regulation and exhibit exemplary civic consciousness when they are online,” he said.

Netizens also have to apply the 3R concept – research, responsible and report any fake news.

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