Extreme heatwave hits UK, people warned not to go out

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People walking in Oxford street, london waring summer clothes. Photo/MWN

London: People in the UK are advised to stay home this week, do not go out or play in the sun, as the Met Office has issued a red warning for extreme heatwave.

Forcasters predict the temperature in London will rise to 41° in the coming days starting from today.

Extreme temperature can be dangerous for everyone, especially for the elderly and the sick, experts said.

The red weather warning might impact areas in London and the Midlands as well as northern spots like Manchester and York.

A national emergency has been declared,  with experts warning “the severe, prolonged heatwave can effect the health and social care system.” 

People here in London are also advised not to travel on Monday and Tuesday unless they have no other choice.

Transport operators said the extreme hot weather conditions may cause delays and cacellations- Malaysia World News.


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