Exploring new imaginations during lockdown – Joanne Yeoh

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Exploring and experimenting new imaginations with no boundaries, violin Artist Dr. Joanne Yeoh (pic) has managed to produce and release a new album called “Life, Interrupted” which consists of 10 songs written during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

In an exclusive interview with Malaysia World News, Joanne said despite of the lockdown, which has been seen to be in a negative light with nowhere to go and no one to meet, she could turn this into an opportunity to explore and experiment many things.

“This was essentially how “Life, Interrupted” was produced and I hope this album will inspire others to live beyond their imaginations,” she said.

With the sudden cessation of all live events and performances, the artist found a lot of time on her hands and started writing many songs.

“I recorded everything in my practice room with a very minimum set up.

“Thanks to the technology that made music production nowadays not bound by space or time.

“I am fortunate to have worked with one of Malaysia’s up and coming producer, Martin Looi who is instrumental with crafting fresh sounds for this album,” Joanne said, adding that fans can stream her music on YouTube and Spotify.

According to Joanne, some of the musicians who played on her album recorded their parts on their own without having to step into recording studios.

“In general, musicians during lockdown had no choice but to make do with home recordings, learning as they go,” she explained.

Joanne did not stop her efforts to move further after her album was released but she has decided to produce some music videos as well, to accompany her songs.

She added that the productions of these videos were not bound by space and time. She called some of her artistic friends to come alongside with her vision.

“In all my videos I try to embody a sense of cross-art. I have collaborated with people from different artistic fields including dancer, painter, muralist and sand artist.

“I have two more music videos in the pipeline and for this, I am working with a game designer and a graphic artist,” she said. –Malaysia World News



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