Experiencing Kaohsiung’s Rural and Fishing Villages and Enjoying the Beautiful Scenery in Taiwan

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KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN –According to the Agriculture Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government, Kaohsiung is the largest city in southern Taiwan; with Xiaogang International Airport and Port, high-speed rail, and railway links to other cities such as Taipei and Taichung.

On top of that, there are expressways that connect the urban areas to rural and fishing villages. It is very convenient to reach Dashu, Qishan, and Meinong areas within 30 minutes by the fastest transportation. A half-day tour or a one-day tour or a two-day tour is easy to arrange.

The Agriculture Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government is continuously promoting rural experience activities that they will participate in the NATAS Holidays in Singapore from August 11th to 13th, along with the Taiwan Tourism Association.

The show will introduce the fruit picking tour, a day tour to experience the fishing village culture in the hometown of grouper. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to taste delicious grouper dishes.

Participants will also have the chance to enjoy a cup of Taiwan’s native tea in Liugui Xinfa Community, which has won the 3-star award from ITQI in Austria. Additionally, they can take a bath in the never-old hot spring and experience the ecology tour at Qishan Sugar Factory which offers various DIY courses.

The travel exhibition attracted a large number of people and travel agents to inquire about the relevant itineraries. Ms. Chlitina, who has participated in the One-day Farmer event many times before, mentioned that it is currently the season of wax apples, mangoes, and lychee. She enjoys making hand-made aiyu jelly and participating in activities such as tea-picking and tea-making. Kaohsiung’s countryside offers a variety of scenery and fruits that change with each season, which impresses her every visit. She plans to revisit the city in the near future.

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