Ex-PM Najib not getting any VIP treatment in the Kajang jail

najib in prison kajang prison
Najib not receiving any special treatment- Pic for illustration only

Malaysia Former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is not getting any VIP treatment at Kajang prison where he is currently serving a jail sentence of 12 years. 

Reports and sources say he is being treated like any ordinary inmate inside the prison, he stays in an isolated cell alone without any aircon, showers with cold water and eats same as what is given to other prisoners. 

 A source told Utusan Malaysia, the Pekan MP is being placed in an isolated confinement cell for high-security and safety reasons, but he does not receive any special treatment as a VIP or a Former Prime Minister.

“He has been placed in an isolation cell to maintain security in the prison and for Najib himself in accordance with Regulation 8 in the relevant law.

“As a former prominent leader of the country, security measures undoubtedly will be tightened to ensure he remains safe while in the care of the Prison Department,” Utusan quoted the source saying.

The source added that Najib is placed in a cell on his own and has to take cold showers, while his room has only a fan.

“From what can be seen yesterday in court, Najib has skin allergies from the redness on his neck and he has ‘shrunk’ a little.

“He has allergies can cause him to stop breathing in his sleep, so he needs to use a machine,” the source said.

Yesterday, the Prison Department denied allegations that Najib stays in a house within the prison grounds.
“This is fake information. Stop spreading it,“ the prison dept said in a post on its Facebook after speculations alleging that Najib is staying in a comfortable house in the prison went viral on social media.

Najib Razak is still a Member of Parliament (Pekan MP) until his petition seeking a royal pardon is finalised, according to the Dewan Rakyat Speaker, Tan Sri Azhar Azizan Harun.

“I have received a copy of the pardon application under Article 42 of the Federal Constitution for Datuk Seri Najib Razak who is the Pekan MP, dated Sept 1; a copy of a letter from Messrs Shafee & Co dated Sept 1 which attached the pardon application accepted by the Prime Minister’s Department, Legal Affairs Division’s director-general on Sept 2; and a copy of each sealed Criminal Order for the appeal case in the Federal Court dated Aug 23,” he said in a statement yesterday.

Recently, Najib has been admitted to Hospital Kuala Lumpur. His daughter Nooryana Najwa said her dad’s health condition is deteriorating as he suffers from gastric and stomach issues.

He was prone to stomach ulcers, especially during times of stress, for many years, she said.

“The last time his ulcers bled (last year), he was unaware of his condition until he felt like fainting due to internal bleeding and was admitted quietly to hospital for a week,” she said, adding that her father never complained even when he was ill and required “serious medical intervention”. – Malaysia World News.



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