Ericsson confident Malaysia is able to be the pioneer of 5G network coverage


PUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob is confident that the technology and the 5G network could play a major role in elevating the economic competency of Malaysia.

Ismail said, the Malaysian Family will receive the positive impact and the productivity level besides value added industry from the implementation of 5G technology.

“Today I had received a courtesy call from the President and Chief Executive Officer, Ericsson Group, Borje Ekholm with the aim among others to give the current status related to the latest 5G Network Implementation in Malaysia.

“Ericsson is confident that Malaysia is able to be the pioneer in the development of the infrastructure and 5G network coverage,” Ismail said in a statement today (Friday 22 July).

The Prime Minister also mentioned that Borje Ekholm had given his commitment that after 57 years in Malaysia, Ericsson will continue its stronghold and will enhance its activities and investment in the country. – Malaysia World News

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