Employers, employees have the right to request for flexible work arrangement – Minister


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BUKIT MERTAJAM: Many employers and companies are interested in implementing flexible work arrangements, but some of them do not know how the system works, says Minister of Human Resources Steven Sim.

The Minister said the ministry through Talent Corporation Malaysia Bhd (Talent Corp) is ready to provide consultation services to employers and companies interested in implementing flexible working arrangements.

“The flexible work arrangements is not new for the employers and employees as it is stipulated in the Employment Act 1955 and has been in force since January 2023.

 “The ministry through Talent Corp will provide consultation services to companies that wish to implement flexible work arrangements,” he said to the media when met at the Penang Social Security Organisation Office, Sunday.

However, he said, companies, employers or employees who have questions regarding flexible working arrangements can refer to the Labour Department in their respective areas, as reported by Bernama.

In the past, Sim had highlighted that requests for flexible work arrangement should be submitted to employers for feedback within 60 days and if rejected employers should provide reasons.

According to Section 60P (1) of the Act, an employee has the right to request from their employer for the flexible working arrangements covering hours of work, days of work or place of work in relation to his employment, subject to Part X11 or anything contained in the contract of service.

The Act also stated that application for a flexible working arrangement under 60Q(1) the employee shall make an application for a flexible working arrangement under Section 60P in writing and in the form and manner as may be determined by the Labour Director General.


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