Dr Mahathir will step down as Prime Minister only after solving Malaysia financial problems

dr mahathir and anwar ibrahim malaysia

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad is not planning to step down or hand power to PKR president Anwar Ibrahim so soon as he thinks he is the only person able to run the financially troubled nation, Malaysia which has been allegedly robbed by the previous government Barisan National (BN).

In an interview with the Financial Times recently, Mahathir denied there is a plan for him to step down next year (in 2020).

 “No, there was no actual date or time mentioned.

“The actual time I’ll be there depends on the problems that we face.

“They want me to solve that (country’s financial) problem before I step down,” he said.

The problems he has to solve include recovering 1MDB`s stolen billions of dollars, finding Jho Low and scrubbing corruption.

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