Dr. M: Why you need more laws on false news

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Dr. Mahathir and Dr. Wan Azizah talking to the press.

Kuala Lumpur: Pakatan Harapan chairman Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad claims that the sole purpose of Anti Fake News Bill is to restrict the opposition from criticising the government.

“There is a political aim with no intention of protecting the people and the rights against false accusations.

“This law is to give the (BN) government more power to arrest its critics.

“We do not have to approve this Bill immediately as it is serious. There have been objections from the public including the bar council,” he told reporters on Tuesday.

Dr. Mahathir also questions “why do we need this new law when we already have many laws against false news?

He also pointed out that Malaysia has already many laws which deal with such crime, such as Sedition Act and Defamation Act, and other laws that already cover false news.

“Why you need this law?” he asked.

Dr. Mahathir also said that the tabling of anti-fake news bill should take place after the upcoming general election (which is at the door), so as to give enough time for parliamentarians to debate.

“It is a serious matter and we should be allowed to debate on it when the parliament resumes after the 14th general election, he added,

-Malaysia World News

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