Dr M: Muslims everywhere too dependent on aid from others, stuck in poverty

dr mahathir malaysiatt

PHNOM PENH: The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr Mahathir Mohamad today expressed his sadness seeing Muslims all over the world being hindered in poverty and relying on aids from other developed countries.

Muslims must make greater effort to be industrious, honest and efficient to improve their wellbeing, news portal FMT quoted him saying.

“It is very sad when we find Muslims everywhere stuck in poverty and dependant on aid from others.

“They do not make enough effort.

“We (Muslims) have the intelligence and the skills but we are not taking advantage of them,” he said after receiving an award from Cambodian Muslims in Phnom Penh today.

Dr Mahathir also urged Muslims to return to the foundations of Islam to solve their problems.

” We find that there are poor Muslims and only hope for the help of others. Muslims have to follow the Islamic way, need to be faithful and diligent to work. This is definitely taught in our religion. If we hold on to all these elements, surely we can succeed. This is what we need to change and return to what religion is charged,” he added.


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