Dr M: Malaysia can become a developed nation by 2025 if we have the right policies

MR MAHATHIR 26 8 2019

KUALA LUMPUR: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today said that Malaysia supposed to become a developed country by next year, 2020, as it was envisioned under Vision 2020 targets, but alas it did not come as it was planned.  

However, the Prime Minister is so confident that Malaysia has made a lot of progress in the economy and tourism sectors that can help it achieve its goal.

Malaysia has become a major tourism destination in the region, are proof of the country’s achievements, low cost of living and tax-free shopping destinations, he said.

“Next year, 2020, will be ‘Visit Malaysia’ year again. Well, as you know, we had fixed that 2020 should be the year we become a developed country. Unfortunately, we are not able to achieve that, but nevertheless, Malaysia has made tremendous progress, and there are many, many places now in Malaysia that are worth visiting by tourists.

“In fact, Kuala Lumpur itself is a beautiful city, even if I say so myself. But it is true that Kuala Lumpur has got many attractive places. Lots of restaurants from all over the world, all kinds of food, and there are certain shopping complexes that are very attractive which you can find everything that is sold in the world, is also sold here,” he was quoted by local media as saying during press conference, after officiating the World Trade Conference (WTC) 2019, here.

However, he added that Malaysia can become a developed nation by 2025 if we have the right policies.

“When I stepped down in 2003, I believed we could have achieved Vision 2020 but the succeeding PMs changed the policies and methods we had used to grow the country,” Dr Mahathir said.


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