Dr M: Any act that terrifies people is also considered “terrorism”


dr mahathir giving speech at the united nation 28September2018
Malaysia Prime Minister Dr Mahathir addressing the United Nations general assembly today,

NEW YORK: Killing thousands of people is legitimized and legalized at war. Those who kill hundreds of people receive medals and become heroes.

Addressing the 73rd United Nations General Assembly, Malaysia Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad (pic) said the world recognized Israel after bombing and rocketing Palestinians and destroying their homes and schools.

The world rewarded Israel by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel, he reiterated.

It is the anger and frustration of the Palestinians and their sympathizers that caused them to resort to what we call “terrorism”.

But, we should also not forget that any act that terrifies people is also considered “terrorism”, Dr M said.

“Dropping bombs and launching rockets and bombs also terrify people. These are also acts of terrorism.

“Malaysia hate terrorism. We will fight them.

” But we believe that the only way to fight  terrorism is to remove the cause.

“Let there be justice in Palestine, let Palestinians return to their land, let there be a state of Palestine, in order to stop terrorism,” he urged.

Such countries who claim to be civilized they consider war and killing people something noble.

When a man kills someone he is considered a murderer and the punishment would be death. But wars encourage and legitimize killing.

“killing is regarded as noble and the killers are held as heroes and receive medals and have  their names mentioned in history books.

“This is wrong. Kill one man is a crime but kill millions of people you become a hero”

“We are always preparing for war. inventing more and more destructive weapons . We are now having nuclear bombs capable of destroying whole cities.

Some whole country has been destroyed because of these fantastic weapons.

The Prime Minister also reminded that those who benefit from these wars between small and weak nations are only the big nations and the arms manufacturers. They earn millions from selling arms.

“Poor countries are persuaded and pressured to purchase those weapons that cost millions of dollars even though they cannot afford .

“People starve and suffer all kinds of deprivation because a huge money are located to purchase weapon.

“A huge percentage of their budget is located for the purchase of modern arms, ” he said- Malaysia World News

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