`Donate Your Toys` charity campaign launched

Kids love toys. They can’t live without, as toys are more than just fun and games for them. Children can learn through playing and having fun.  Toys can engage children`s senses, spark their imaginations and encourage them to socialize and interact with others.

Unfortunately, many children are deprived of these basic needs, especially the orphanage, special children, and those underprivileged children born in poor families.

Now there is a place and a way where every responsible person can donate his/her toys to the underprivileged children, especially Down Syndrome children and children with special needs.  

“Donate Your Toys” campaign, organized by Pressto Asia and Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation of Klang, was launched on Thursday at Pressto, Sungai Besi near Kuala Lumpur.

This campaign is aimed at collecting soft toys from donors and distributing them to down-syndrome and orphanage children.

Malaysia World News had an exclusive interview with the two ladies behind this campaign, Amanda Jane Russeli, President of Kiwanis and Phyllis Lai, CEO of Pressto, besides the Ambassador, June Yap for the six months campaign.

Phyllis said Pressto is very happy to join this charitable event and work with Kiwanis together for a good cause, in line with their caring culture and social responsibility.

“We care not only about our staff or customers but also about the unfortunates.

“Every one of us is busy earning a living in long hours that we forget about the good cause,” she said in an interview with Malaysia World News (MWN).

Kiwanis President, Amanda whose father is a British and a Malaysian mother said, her parents have been volunteers in Kiwanis Foundation for 20 years and she has grown up around that school where she used to play with the unfortunate children.

She said this campaign is as important as the toys for the children.

“Some children cannot communicate with people.  A toy will make a lot of difference when they have it, especially those neglected or orphanage children who do not have parents or siblings to communicate or connect with,” she said.

You can give away your kids’ old toys to other children and at the same cleaning and giving space to your house.

Former Mrs Borneo World 2015/16 champion, June Yap, who is appointed as the Ambassador for this six months Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign said Kiwanis Down Syndrome is a charity platform that she has always wanted to be part of.

“I am able to realize that personal desire by supporting this meaningful CSR initiative as Ambassador,” she added.

– Malaysia World News (MWN)

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