Dog`s Satay served as dinner in Bali, Indonesia.

dog satay
Dog`s Satay [ Pic Aljazeera]
Dogs are being served as dinner in Bali, Indonesia, Al Jazeera network documented and reported today. Some activists, tourists are feeling just upset and disgusted, while some are enjoying eating dogs ‘Satay`, a local meat dish there.

Dog meat is not a taboo in many South East Asian cultures, especially in some islands in Indonesia, China, and Korea.

Many people took to social media recently criticizing Indonesia (Bali) for eating dog meat.

“Those who slay and eat dogs’ flesh, they are also the dogs. Shame on this civilian society,” a Facebook user commented.

Another Facebook user from Indonesia also commented that dogs` dishes is not served only in Bali, but many other parts of Indonesia.

“I’m Indonesian and this case is not just in Bali, Manado, Medan and some parts also eat the dog’s meat. The difference is they served it on their own way, but so sad how they torture dogs instead of slaughtered them, the dogs are put in the sack and they beat them till death. You can’t even imagine how painful it is by hearing they moaning like babies…So barbaric way to eat,” he said.

Bali is a tourist hotspot in Indonesia. Tourists and visitors are disturbed and disgusted. Some tourists would avoid buying food from unauthorised food stalls. And would make sure no dogs parts in the meal.

“I can`t imagine somebody eating pets. I hate them forever… So disgusting!,” a tourist said.

However, some tourists, especially those from the west, think that eating dogs is part of Indonesian culture, which should be respected. But according to reports, only those poor people who cannot afford to eat beef go for dogs.

The slaughter of dogs is illegal in Indonesia, but some islands have no ban on dogs meat.

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