Director General of Public Services scolded immigration officer at KLIA asked to apologize

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KUALA LUMPUR: The Immigration Services Union Peninsular Malaysia (KPISM) demands a public apology from a Director General of Public Services (KPPA) to an immigration officer for allegedly scolding and yelling at him at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) between 8.30-9.40am, 3rd Aug.2022.

President of KPISM, Khairil Niza Khairuddin said, the union also urge the government and CUEPACS to look into this incident seriously and action should be taken against such civil servant who is proud and arrogant.

“The incident happened at the Departure Hall, KLIA on the date and time mentioned. It started when there was no immigration officer on duty at the VIP room counter.

“Normally there is no immigration officer placed at the VIP room counter for 24 hours as they are more needed at the normal counter compared to the VIP room counter that will only be opened on request and early notice,” Khairil Niza said in a statement.

The statement added, the officer on duty as the Chief Operation KLIA Immigration, had allegedly been called and scolded by the KPPA asking him to stand among the members of the public.

“The unprofessional act of a government high ranking officer towards an immigration officer in public is regarded as very rude and not respecting the public services entity. The other immigration officers present too felt that they had been humiliated in the public place by the KPPA,” said Khairil Niza. – Malaysia World News


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