Deputy Works Minister apologises for falling asleep at a graduation ceremony event

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Pic screencap from the viral video.

PETALING JAYA: Deputy Works Minister Datuk Eddin Syazlee Shith has apologised for falling asleep on stage during the graduation ceremony of khatam al-Quran and huffaz.

His special officer Farahiah Zubir said Eddin Syazlee was not feeling well on Saturday, and he had taken some medication prior to the event.

“Datuk Eddin Syazlee apologises for falling asleep at the event, ” she said yesterday

A viral video was making round on social media this week showing the deputy minister sleeping in a chair in the event while some people were waking him up.

Farahiah said that at that event, Eddin Syazlee approved some funds to help the school purchase buses for their students.


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