DAP describing themselves as “government-in-waiting” a strategy in political communication – Dr. Jeniri

dap liew and dr jeniri


KUALA LUMPUR: Political analyst, Dr. Jeniri Amir regards the Democratic Action Party (DAP) as very confident when they called themselves “government-in-waiting” in the coming 15th General Election.

Dr. Jeniri said, they used the term (government-in-waiting) as “a strategy in political communication.”

But what makes them confident and very sure they will win in the upcoming 15th General Election (15GE) and become the next government?

“Well, Pakatan Harapan (PH) might not be able to make it. They need a new alliance. The political landscape is very fluid,” he said when contacted by MWN journalist here today.

Dr. Jeniri added, DAP needs a strong alliance like Barisan National (BN) to win. They do not need the former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad as he is no longer relevant.

“Mahathir is no longer the magnetic factor, and he has only less than five seats. To win, they also need support from other smaller parties,” he said.

However, the question is will UMNO collaborate with DAP or PH?

The Pas will not like or allow BN to join PH, unless they divorce.

“The situation depends on whether UMNO – Pas will work together before and during the 15GE,” Jeniri said to a question raised by MWN.

Dr. Jeniri said that in response to a statement made by Johor DAP chairman, Liew Chin Tong saying that DAP will not be contesting as an opposition party in the GE15 but as “a government-in-waiting.”

“We are a government-in-waiting. We have a chance to win and govern,” said Chin Tong at the Johor DAP convention today.-Malaysia World News/Masuk News

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