CyberSecurity Malaysia acknowledged as the key contributor to development of  INTERPOL guidelines  


KUALA LUMPUR: CyberSecurity Malaysia Digital Forensics team led by Sarah Khadijah Taylor has been acknowledged by INTERPOL for being the main key contributor to the development of the INTERPOL Guidelines for Seizing Virtual Assets.

 CyberSecurity Malaysia in its statement said the document was launched during the 2nd INTERPOL New Technologies Forum Law Enforcement Conference, officiated by the Bavarian State Minister of Justice, on 12th October 2023 in Nuremberg, Germany.

“INTERPOL Guidelines for Seizing Virtual Assets provides, to its 194 member countries, a comprehensive reference in the field of virtual assets investigation. Its scope encompasses the entire process of seizing virtual assets, covering the pre-process, during, and post-seizure process of the virtual assets.

“As a result of the increase of reported offenses involving virtual assets, this document highlighted the procedure for managing virtual assets’ evidence for the prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Communications and Digital, Fahmi Fadzil said that it is a proud achievement as the acknowledgment by INTERPOL is recognition of the competence of CyberSecurity Malaysia’s digital forensic experts.

“The ability of the experts proved to be successful in producing innovative solutions in efforts to deal with and combat cyber threats and crimes in Malaysia.

“This recognition has elevated the country’s standing in the highly competitive digital technology world, which is currently undergoing significant challenges.

 “CyberSecurity Malaysia has been a shining example behind the establishment of several guidelines with practical and effective approach to assist cybercrime investigation in Malaysia,” Fahmi reiterated.–Malaysia World News


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