COVID-19: Strict action on those who hide information about tabligh participants

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KUALA LUMPUR MAR 31: The Royal Police of Malaysia (RPM) will take strict action on those who collaborates with the participant of the tabligh assembly in Sri Petaling Mosque who refused to do health screening test on COVID-19.

Minister of Internal Affairs, Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin said, the person who hides the information could be a member of the family including the wife and the children.

“This is the first warning and I advise those who are in contact with the tabligh participant to bring them forward to do health screening test. We are not going to detain them today but strict action will be taken starting tomorrow.

“It is high time for the police to take action as 50 percent of the people who come forward for health screening tests are from the tabligh cluster. Today is already the second week of the enforcement of the Movement Control Order (MCO),” he said in a special media conference here today.

Hamzah added, about 10,000 have done their health tests while many others have not come forward. Some have gone back for self quarantine. Nobody knows the exact numbers that have attended the tabligh assembly.

“What we fear is those who refused to do health test will spread COVID-19 chain to many more people who are in contact with them,” said Hamzah.

The Minister of Internal Affairs also warned that strict action will be taken on anybody who uses social media to disturb the racial harmony in the country.

He said, COVID-19 infection does not choose its victims based on race, religion or colour of the skin.

“What is important here is everybody should work and help to build the nation together. We should work hard to come out from the problem (COVID-19 pandemic) that we are facing now,” he reiterated.-Malaysia World News

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