Covid-19 outbreak worsens in Malaysia, the govnt imposed movement control order

All Malaysians are ordered to stay home for two weeks, following the enforcement of the Movement Control Order imposed by the government to prevent the spread of Covid-19 outbreak which is getting worse and worse day by day.
From today 18th March till 31 March, all schools, universities, mosques, offices, factories, shops will be closed, except supermarkets and shops selling necessary products like food and other daily consumption goods. Outdoor activities, public and private events and gathering are also banned.
Among those exempted from the order include essential services providers including health, phamarceuticals, security, defence, energy, telecommunications, food suppliers, gas, petrol, ports, airports, fire and rescue, some ministries, and information centres.
On Monday the Prime Minister Muhiyiddin Yassin announced the “movement control order” which began today, after Malaysia reached more than 600 Covid-19 cases, plus yesterday two death cases, and the number keeps rising, putting Malaysia at the highest stake among other South East Asia countries.
To prevent more coronavirus infections or death, all Malaysia people are asked to stay home and practice self-imposing restriction of movement without police enforcement.
Malaysian police hope the people will be responsible and follow the law in this difficult time.
These two weeks restriction of movement is taken as a soft approach to ensure that the population stays at a safe distance.

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