COVID-19 daily cases drop to 14,554, 10 new clusters at workplaces, Sarawak recorded 2,744 cases – Minister Khairy

khairy jamalluddin

 PUTRAJAYA SEPT.24: The daily COVID-19 infections have dropped to 14,554 cases adding to the cumulative total to 2,171,232 while cured cases have recorded 16,751 bringing the grand total to 1,950,467 or 89.8 per cent.

Minister of Health (MOH), Khairy Jamaluddin said, from the new cases 13,262 or 91.2 per cent were involving the citizens while 1,283 or 8.8 per cent were non-citizens.

Khairy said, 1,049 cases requiring treatment in the Intensive Care Units (ICU) and out of which 862 are COVID-19 confirmed cases, 187 suspected cases, probabilities and cases under investigation. Meanwhile 599 cases requiring respiratory aids and out of which 371 confirmed with COVID-19 cases, 228 suspected cases, probabilities and cases under investigation.

“Today 20 new clusters had been recorded and out of which 10 were formed at the workplaces involving four in Johor with 109 cases, two in Selangor recording 100 cases, three in Malacca recording 115 cases, one in Sarawak with 92 cases and one cluster in Pahang with 55 cases,” Khairy said in a statement her today.

Khairy added, the nine clusters in the community involved two clusters in Johor with 67 cases, two in Kelantan (21), one in Kelantan (21), one in Negeri Sembilan (28), two in Pahang (29) two in Sarawak (73) while one high risk cluster in Johor had infected 24 individuals.

The Minister also informed that 5,389 clusters had been formed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 while 4,139 had expired and 1,250 active clusters.

States contributing COVID-19 include Sarawak with 2,744 cases, Selangor (1,974), Johor (1,886), Sabah (1,326), Pulau Pinang (1,240), Kelantan (1,240), Perak (1,146), Kedah (903), Pahang (711), Terengganu (708), Kuala Lumpur (342), Melaka (270), Negeri Sembilan (146), Perlis (65), Putrajaya (24) and Labuan (4). –Malaysia World News

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