COVID-19 caused 14,553 deaths since pandemic started in Malaysia – DG Dr. Noor Hisham

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PUTRAJAYA AUG.24: The daily COVID-19 cases has returned to 20,837 today after recording 17,672 cases yesterday and bringing the cumulative total to 1,593,602 with 262,713 active cases nationwide.

Director General of Health, Tan Sri Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah said, the daily COVID-19 cases in Selangor today is 4,645 even though yesterday has recorded 4,316.


Yesterday’s COVID-19 figure was close to enable Selangor to shift to Phase Two of the National Recovery Plan (NRP) where 4,000 is one of the benchmarks required to enable the shift to be announced.

Dr. Noor Hisham said, 34 new clusters were reported today including 22 at work places, nine community, two high risk groups and one at the detention centre.

According to Dr. Noor Hisham, there are 1,446 active clusters, 3,060 have expired while 4,506 clusters have been formed since the pandemic started in March 2020.

“Today 211 death cases were reported bringing the death toll to 14,553 or 0.91 per cent while 1,063 from the new cases had been admitted to the Intensive Care Units (ICU) while 511 requiring respiratory aids.

“The death cases were involving 187 citizens and 24 non-citizens while 40 were brought in death (BID) including 26 citizens and 14 foreigners,” Dr. Noor Hisham said in a statement here today.

The Director General of Health added, from 20,837 daily cases today 358 or 1.7 per cent were from categories 3, 4 and 5while another 20,479 cases or 98.3 per cent were from categories 1 and 2. This is based on the current clinical condition of the newly diagnosed COVID-19 cases.

Dr. Noor Hisham said, some the cases remained in the same category throughout the period of infection, however some also changed the health status either improving to a lower category or declining to a higher category.
Meanwhile, 16,949 or 81.3 percent of the total cases reported today had no or incomplete vaccination.

Dr. Noor Hisham urges the people to get the COVID-19 vaccine to reduce the risk of serious infections. It is hoped that this will reduce COVID-19 infection in the country, especially cases in categories 3 to 5.

Based on the latest data on 23rd August 2021, Malaysia’s R T value or infectivity rate is 1.01. The states that recorded the highest R T value were Sarawak (1.26), followed by Perlis (1.25), and Sabah (1.19). All states recorded R T values above 1.0 except Selangor, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Putrajaya, Federal Territory of Labuan, and Negeri Sembilan.

Dr. Noor Hisham then urges the people to adhere to the standard operating procedures (SOPs) as the new norm and get the COVID-19 vaccine to reduce the risk of serious infections and number of deaths while building cluster immunity.

“By taking the vaccine, we can protect the people around us from the possibility of COVID-19 infection. With group immunity formed, groups that are not yet eligible for immunization such as children can be protected. Protection for all starts from us,” Dr. Noor Hisham reiterated.

States contributing to new COVID-19 cases today are Selangor with 4,645 cases, Sabah (3,376), Pulau Pinang (2,054), Kedah ( 1,772), Johor (1,743), Sarawak (1,543), Kelantan (1,422), Kuala Lumpur (1,284), Perak (1,242), Pahang (521), Melaka (396), Terengganu (383), Negeri Sembilan (351), Perlis (74), Putrajaya (27) and Labuan (4). – Malaysia World News


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