Costa Rica President asks WHO to set up a HTR for vaccines

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Costa Rica President, Carlos Alvarado Quesada has proposed to the World Health Organization (WHO) to set up a health technology repository for vaccines medicines diagnostics and any other tool that may work against COVID-19.

WHO has accepted this visionary proposal from His Excellency President Alvarado, and will in the next few weeks launch a platform for open collaborative sharing of knowledge, data, and intellectual property on existing and new house tools to come, announced the President of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus today at a media briefing.

Costa Rica President said ” we propose to create a global pool – a repository of intellectual property.

“The idea is to make the technology available for everybody around the globe, and put those service at the lowest cost, without any barriers, in order to protect people.

There is so much knowledge and science created. It’s good to benefit of people around the world.

However, he said this initiative must be based on solidarity and understanding that this pandemic attacks both rich countries and poor countries, and mid income countries, regardless whether you have the resources or not. It attacks people all around the world, in the same way.

“So, the basic ideas, a call for solidarity and a call to action for creating this repository, a global pool for rights on data knowledge technologies to make more affordable and accessible, new techniques, new technologies, new vaccines, new treatments, so we can, as one around the world defeat the COVID-19,” added Carlos Alvarado.

Researchers are working at breakneck speed, both to understand the covid-19 virus and also to develop potential vaccines, medicines and other technologies to protect and save humanity.

In today’s media briefing, WHO said all efforts are being united on many fronts to ensure we have safe, effective, and affordable therapeutics and vaccines in the shortest time possible.

“These tools provide additional hope of overcoming COVID-19.

” But, they will not end the pandemic if we cannot ensure equitable access to them.

“Under this extraordinary circumstances, the innovations must benefit everyone everywhere,” Tedros said. 

He also mentioned that solidarity within and between countries, and the private sector is essential.

“If we are to overcome this difficult times. Now is the moment where leaders must come together to develop a new global access policy, and an operational tool, which will turn the many good intentions expressed in recent weeks into reality,” he said.

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