Corpses stolen from graves at Bukit Aup Chinese cemetery

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SIBU: Seven graves at a Chinese cemetery in Bukit Aup here were reported to have been destroyed and the remains have been stolen.

United Chinese Graveyard Association chairman Teo Boon Siew confirmed the shocking incident.

“I was informed about the matter by one of the family members of the deceased buried there who went to the cemetery on Sunday to observe Qing Ming festival.

“We visited the cemetery today and found seven graves were desecrated and coffins were found burnt,” he told the media.

According to the Star, the family members went to the Bukit Aup cemetery on Sunday (April 3) to pay their respects and clean up the graveyards when they found the graves destroyed and the remains missing.

Teo believes that the culprits might be interested in the bones of the deceased.

“They took away the bones and burned the coffins in the bushes nearby,” he told the Star.


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