Coronavirus: Without health the economy at risk, says WHO

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World Health Organization (WHO) urges governments to ease the lockdown restrictions to protect ‘Lives and Livelihood”, especially in countries that are seeing some recovery from Coronavirus.

However,  countries reopening businesses again must follow six criteria that WHO recommends them to consider in order to prevent spike in the virus.

1 – Surveillance is strong, cases are declining, and transmission is controlled.

2- Health system capacities are in place to detect, isolate, test, and treat every case and press.

3-  Every contact served that outbreak risks are minimized in special settings, like facilities.

4- Nursing homes for that preventive measures are in place.

5- The schools and other places where it’s essential for people to go and pave that importation risks can be managed.

6- Communities are fully dedicated, engaged and empowered to adjust to the new norm.”

Director General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus also stressed that the strong and resilient health systems are the best defense, not only against outbreaks and pandemics, but also against 9the multiple health threats that people around the world face every day.

“Don’t just undermine the health of individuals, families, and communities. They also put global security and economic development at risk.

“The world spends around us, 7.5 trillion on health. Each year, almost 10% of global GDP.

“But the best investments are in promoting health and preventing diseases, at the primary health care level, which will save lives and save money, ” Tedros added  –Malaysia World News. 

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