CoronaVirus: The public advised to keep clean all the time

minister of health malaysia

The Ministry of Health assures that they are still in the containment phase and has not reached the mitigation level with regards to CoronaVirus infection.

 Health Minister Dr. Dzulkifly Ahmad said the existing 14 medical laboratories are still able to test and make an analysis of the CoronaVirus cases that have been handed to them.

 “We still have the capability to perform the contact tracing while we still have enough beds for the affected people.

 “It is our hope that we will not reach the mitigation stage where there is a sudden rise in deaths due to the CoronaVirus infection.

“The Ministry of Health has tested many positive cases through contact tracing. We are committed in handling them
and ensure that “no stone is left unturned”, Dr. Dzulkifli said at a press conference here today.

Meanwhile, Dr. Dzulkifli advised the Hindus celebrating Thaipusam festival this weekend to take precaution by wearing face masks to avoid from the CoronaVirus infection.

 He said the public is also advised to be clean all the time by washing their hands often with water and sanitizer.

 “As the festival is taking place in Batu Caves, the Selayang Medical Centre nearby will take care of any case should there be… that is related to CoronaVirus infection”, he added.

Dr. Dzulkifli also said that until today the ministry has tested 77 cases in which 6 people were tested positive while 71 were negative from CoronaVirus. -Malaysia World News

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