Coronavirus: Do not panic over false news says Wan Azizah

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PUTRAJAYA Jan 26: Malaysian public is advised not to be panic and alarmed with any news on the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCov) from any unreliable source but to refer to the updates released by the Ministry of Health.
Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Dr.Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said, the
public should remain calm and not to believe in false news that is aimed to
make the people panic over the Coronavirus infection.
“The most important thing is for everybody to take precaution and take
care of ourselves by washing the hands with sanitizer and be clean all the time.
“If there is any symptom of Coronavirus, the person should immediately
visit the nearest hospital and the doctor from the private clinic should immediately make a report if there is any positive infection of the virus,” said Dr. Wan Azizah at a press conference after the National Disaster Management Committee meeting here today.
Dr. Wan Azizah also mentioned that the Malaysian government has a good track record in handling the SARS, Nipah Virus and today the Coronavirus.
“We are constantly taking advice and cue from the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding the virus. The Malaysian Immigration is also very strict on the health of incoming tourists and more scanners are being placed at all check points in the country.
“The government has no plan to stop Chinese tourists from entering Malaysia even though they came via, Hong Kong or Taiwan,” she added.
The Deputy Prime Minister also said, some tourists do not have the symptoms of Corinavirus but as a career of the virus.
“The government cannot quarantine all the tourists for logistic reasons and where are we going to place them?” she said when asked whether the government will stop tourists from Wuhan, China from entering the
Regarding 49 Malaysians who are still in Wuhan, China, Dr. Wan Azizah said, there is no reason to bring them back and the Foreign Ministry is in constant contact with the embassy of Malaysia over there.
The Ministry of Health has reported that there are four positive cases of Coronavirus in Malaysia involving citizens from Wuhan, China.
Meanwhile the latest report from Wuhan said there are 54 dead cases infected from the virus as of Sunday (today) with 13 died recently and 323 infected cases being confirmed.
The news agency AFP said the updates was confirmed by the authorities in
Hubei – the worst territory affected by the virus. With that statistic the total number affected in the whole of China is 1,610 people. –Malaysia World News

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