Cooperation of the people will help stop COVID-19 infections in the community – Health DG

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PUTRAJAYA NOV.11: The surge of 25,000 COVID-19 cases per day in the United Kingdom approaching towards the winter season has caused worrisome as the corina virus could be transmitted in the community in a more aggressive way.

Director General of Health, Tan Sri Dr. Noor Hishaam Abdullah said, it is more fearful if mutation occurs and the virus could spread very fast and aggressive in the community.

He said in Denmark, it was reported that the mutated virus has spread into animal’s meat and this is more worrying as an ex-COVID-19 patient could be infected again by the virus.

“The best way to avoid the spreading of the mutated virus in the community is to apply the public health criteria. The cooperation of the people to adhere to the standard operating procedure (SOP) that is to stay at home for the next three weeks is very much needed,” he said in his daily media conference held here today.

Dr. Noor Hisham said, the R naught or rate of infectivity was 2.2 before then it had dropped to 1 and after two weeks if it drops to 0.5 than the virus could be contained and this will only happen with the cooperation of the people.

Elaborating on this he said, with 869 new COVID-19 cases today instead of 975 as focused the R-naught now is 1.0 and if by 14th November the R-naught is 0.5 that will be a good situation.

The daily new COVID cases has contributed to the cumulative total to 42,050 while 725 (72.1%) have been discharged bringing the whole total to 30,304 with 11,446 active cases being treated in the hospitals nationwide.

The six death cases today have brought the death toll to 300 or 0.7% with 82 have been admitted to the Intensive Care Units (ICU) and 27 needed respiratory aids.

According to Dr. Noor Hisham, there are four new clusters formed today and it includes three from Sabah namely Liawan with 24 positive cases, Tatahan (18), GK Tawau (49) and Kube in Kelantan with 10 positive COVID -19 cases.

Meanwhile Sabah has recorded the highest number of new COVID-19 cases with 397 followed by Selangor (235), Negeri Sembilan (141), Penang (27), Kuala Lumpur (19), Perak (12), Kedah (3), Johor (8), Kelantan (9), Labuan (8) , Sarawak (6) and Putrajaya (3). –Malaysia World News

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